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(adjective) emergent | i-ˈmər-jənt

+ arising as an effect of complex causes, as a sum of their parts

+ in the process of coming into being, becoming newly formed or


+ calling for immediate action, requiring urgent action


EMERGENT is a full-service design & research studio working at architecture's intersection with urbanism, landscape, and infrastructure. Fascinated with how emergent patterns, paradigms, and phenomena impact the built environment in an era of rapid urbanization, we investigate these spatial conditions by engaging in design & consulting work that cuts across multiple scales and forms of representation (from cartographic mapping to architectural graphic novels) that are able to speak to a diverse set of audiences & stakeholders.

Based in New York but operating in multi-regional contexts around the globe, we believe that it is imperative to carefully ask the right questions before providing solutions to the world. Accordingly, each of our catalogued investigations seeks to examine emerging questions facing us as we urbanize. We believe that design holds vast potential for critiquing these contemporary issues that include housing affordability, ecological sustainability, informality, and technology equity amongst many others. Armed with both design and the research that frames it, our investigations act as a 'cog' in addressing solutions to these emerging questions.


Our multi-scalar work ranges from design projects in key sites, to cartographic mappings that reveal latent potentials for policy & planning, to site-less design-research speculations that critique contemporary conditions, to architectural graphic novels & exhibitions aimed at impacting a wide audience. Collectively, they act as a toolkit of ideas for tackling emergent urban questions in a rapidly urbanizing world.


Director, Founder

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Evan is an architect, urbanist, researcher and educator who is the director & founding partner of Emergent Studio LLC. Founding the studio following almost a decade of professional working experience in the architecture & urban design fields, he has lived & worked bi-coastally in the US and internationally in Asia in both the private & public sectors.


In addition to directing Emergent, Evan currently teaches as an Adjunct Faculty in Architecture at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Parsons the New School, and the City College of New York (CCNY). He has previously taught full-time as an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Virginia (UVA) and at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD) as the 2019-20 Irving Innovation Teaching Fellow.


Throughout his career, he has...


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